Hi, I'm Jaspreet!

I'm all about helping you find more freedom, truth & peace in every moment and breath. It's a choice, but sometimes we forget it is, me included!

My mission is to bring more freedom, truth & peace into your everyday to inspire you to live happier and feel more fulfilled.

We all deserve to feel this way!

You deserve to feel this way! But you deny yourself this right because…

You think you SHOULD be living the way everyone else is – a job/career to support the life you’ve created for you and your loved ones.

You BELIEVE you have no other talents or skills to bring.

You’re AFRAID of going into the unknown and also FEAR what people around you will say if you decide to go in a different direction that doesn’t conform to theirs or societies expectations.

You can’t RISK losing everything you’ve worked so hard for.

All really valid arguments, but I’ve got a question for you…

Who are you living for?

You could carry on as you are looking happy, successful and confident on the outside. But, on the inside, you continue to feel lost, anxious and deeply unfulfilled.

Is that how you want to see out the rest of your years?

Take a moment and imagine how different your life could be if you…

STOPPED listening to the SHOULD voice in your head.

STOPPED BELIEVING you have no other talents to bring.

STOPPED feeling AFRAID of not knowing & what other people think of your choices.

STOPPED thinking that you RISK losing everything if you decide to live for YOU.

Does life seem more exciting, enjoyable, easier, liveable?

The answer is YES, and you know it is.

I also know it is because in September 2018 I decided to put down my career and start living for me. I had no idea what I was going to do next. Coaching was not even a tiny thought in my exhausted head. The only thought I knew was true at that time was this…

I need to STOP doing what I think I need to be doing & START living for ME!


Once I made this intentional decision, I noticed changes, big and small.

I started to…

Notice the way I had been treating myself all these years (and it was a sorry sight).

Listen to and honour my body’s needs.

Ask for help.

Open up about my personal experiences.

Take up creative and mindful activities, like knitting, calligraphy, meditation, & regular yoga.

Put into action a life-long desire to do the Inca Trail. (The picture on the left is taken there. The struggle was real!)

Explore things that bring me joy, like dog-walking.

Believe that there was more to me than what I intellectually understood.

Be kinder to myself and my thoughts.

Become curious about my journey rather than play the ‘victim’.

Trust that life was taking me on a course that I needed to be on right now.

The list goes on…

What I’m getting at is that when I allow myself time and space to be, SO MUCH MORE emerges. I see more possibilities, I’m more honest with myself and others and I feel more at peace with life.

The woman from 2018 is looking at me now and saying… 

Wow! You’re a completely different person. Lighter, more confident from within, & at ease with life.

This is earth-shaking because I wouldn’t have realised this potential in me had I not made more intentional decisions, like making more space in my life by leaving behind a career that didn’t excite me & old beliefs & thoughts that didn’t serve me (this one is work in progress, but I’m prepared to face into them now more than ever).

The earth shaking is also a possibility for you. It really is.

You may not believe it now, but when you start making different choices, a new path starts paving for you. You might not know where it’s leading you, but you eventually trust that it is leading you to a place where you thrive, and I’d love to start this new, exciting journey with you. But first, it’s important to start with where you are right now…

I gently guide you to meet, love & accept yourself as you are, where you are. From this place, you will begin to build the possibility of seeing and feeling more freedom, truth & peace, here and now. 

You start to build the confidence to create your own path of more intentional self-discovery. Who knows what’s around the corner? Rest assured, though, that I’m by your side, guiding you along, celebrating YOU & YOUR journey, and helping you uncover the life you were always meant to live.

Are you ready to start living with more freedom, truth & peace?

Book a free discovery call to find out more. You will feel better for it. I promise.