One-on-one coaching for paving a new path that is more true to you!

Together we will take the bricks from the walls that hold you back & lay them down to begin the adventure on your new, more true path in life. You will feel the warmth of support available around you from the soles of your feet upwards, as you move along this path with more confidence & ease, exploring & celebrating WHO YOU ARE at each turn in your life. 

Are you done with living from a place of FEAR, LACK & SCARCITY?

Are you desperate to change paths, but DON’T BELIEVE that you can do it?

Are you hiding behind needing SECURITY & control, but feeling EMPTY, deflated & unfulfilled as a consequence?

Are societal and cultural EXPECTATIONS getting in the way of you living a life that is TRUER to who you could be or already are?

Do you feel like no-one understands what YOU are going through, leaving you feeling lonely, afraid and anxious?

Do you YEARN for more fulfilment, happiness and connection with yourself?

We’ll work together through any problem, issue or block you’re facing to find ways that connect more with your body, encourage more self-love and acceptance, and shift your current outlook of ‘doom and gloom’ to more…




What might the experience involve?

I like working with the whole body, which means that some of the session will be less talking and more doing or feeling. Reasoning & logic have their place, but I’m also keen for you to connect with your body to explore how else your current situation is being experienced. Perhaps this perspective will unlock something new for you.

I use a range of tools & techniques tailored to your situation to help you build a connection with your experience from a bodily perspective.…

This technique is age-old, and there’s a reason for it. It helps to transcend time, space & pretty much anything on a conscious level. Yes, anyone can be a time-traveller!

You can drop into a place and imagine things as they were or how you want them to be. The possibilities are endless, which is perfect for exploring your current situation & where you want to be. Plus, by inviting your whole body and its senses into the experience, more is available to you. Your learning will be richer and felt on a deeper level. 

The body has its viewpoint and can be a great resource of knowledge and wisdom when given space & time to express itself.

With your permission, you’ll learn to build a stronger relationship and connection with your entire body to seek a different perspective on your situation.

This might involve…

Talking directly to your body and hearing its response to your dilemma or issue (also known as ‘focussing’).

Noticing your breathing & experimenting with different breathing techniques.

Embodying who you want to become through movement & sound, & creating a practice.

And, if your body needs to rest because it feels tired, that’s always available to you. These points of communication with the body are all ways to build a stronger bond with your whole-self.

Are you ready to go from being stuck in a rut to trusting your gut?

I will help you build love & trust with yourself & this place you find yourself so that you can give yourself permission to let go & feel safe to start exploring more fully.  

Book an exploratory call with me to find out more.